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Have you recently noticed your garage door making strange noises? It could be a sign of an underlying problem. Unfortunately, the longer you wait to have the problem looked at, the worse it may become. Browse our FAQ page for useful information provided directly by our experts. 

Garage door openers today come with an automatic timer that makes sure the system closes if you forget to order it to. The timer can be set to whatever time is best for you. You should always give yourself enough time to get out, but not too much time so that your door is still open long after you're not around. Thirty seconds to a minute should be fine.
If you have a sectional garage door, then only the damaged panels will need to be replaced. Of course, if your door is very old, then it may be difficult to find matching panels for it. But this shouldn't be an issue otherwise.
Try changing the batteries and moving closer to the opener. You could also check the antenna of the opener and double check you're using the right remote if you have a few. Lastly, to confirm it's a remote issue, press the wall button. If the door moves and no remedy fixes the problem, you probably need to replace the clicker or have it reprogrammed by one of our professionals.
This shaft is the metal rod which runs through the torsion garage door spring. In some cases the shaft actually houses the spring itself. It connects with the cable drums at both sides and allows the spring to turn and develop torque.

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